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Art by Eva Creature

"Power" (Limited Reproductions)

"Power" (Limited Reproductions)

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Three women stand tall and united in the moonlight in this dreamy painting charged with feminine "Power".

Together there is nothing we cant achieve. As we travel our personal paths we must love and support our differences as well as our similarities; only that unification can lead us to our greatest strengths. 

Giclee - These high-quality paper prints begin with high-resolution photography to capture the vibrant colors and detail of the original painting and are then printed with an inkjet printer using lightfast pigments that will hold up for a lifetime with proper framing. 

~Stored and shipped in a sealed, archival quality, plastic sleeve

~Availble in three sizes, each with a varying limited print number

~Signed and numbered 

~Stamped with Art by Eva Creature logo on the back

~Comes with a certificate of authenticity

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