Collection: "Stardust"

Original acrylic paintings and reproductions from Eva Creature’a “Stardust” collection...

These dreamy starscapes feature wild animals often interacting with planet earth or the moon. 

The "Stardust" collection was inspired by a Humboldt State University project in which Eva was selected to take part. She was given the opportunity to paint an otter statue with the design she created, which depicted galaxies and nebulae with otters swimming amongst them. The painted statue was given the name"Stardust".

The concept is one of connection, for as science can tell us, all of Nature is made up of elements that were formed in the hearts of exploding stars. We are all made of stardust and we have more in common than not as we hurtle through a vast cosmos on our tiny jewel of a home. 

These paintings seek to elaborate and expand on that theme.