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Eva "Creature" Shaw is a self-taught acrylic painter. With her art she seeks to explore and express the bonds between Spirituality and Nature.

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There are currently four collections which Eva has created and continues to expand, each with a unique style and theme...

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"Bright Shadows"

These paintings honor our spiritual relationships with the moon by exploring the themes of moon worship, magic, folklore, and the journey of self-acceptance.

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The concept is one of connection, for as science can tell us, all of Nature is made up of elements that were formed in the hearts of exploding stars. We are all made of stardust and we have more in common than not as we hurtle through a vast cosmos on our tiny jewel of a home. 

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"Real Wild"

The "Real Wild" collection strives to act as a mirror; an opportunity to relate with a moment in time and peek into the spirit of the wild that lives within ourselves.

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"Untamed" features portraits of wild animals on abstract backgrounds. The unpredictable and exciting nature of acrylic fluid-art works as a metaphor for life and survival in the wild places these creatures inhabit. 

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Its a Family Effort

Being a professional artist is both time-consuming and unpredicatable. As a wife and mother of three children, it has required the dedication and support of her family and friends, for Eva to pursue her art career.

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  • Our Favorite Charity

    Art by Eva Creature has been an active member and monthly donor for the Worl Wildlife Fund since 2020.

    We choose to support the WWF because of their far reaching influence and ability to create positive, impactful change on a global level.